The Wapcam Project aims to control and access a webcam linked to yuor PC at home, in whatever situation, especially while in mobility.

WapcamServer WapcamLet

WapcamWidget WapcamPlayers

It is essentially made of WapcamServer, webcam server with multiple features, and clients accessing the service over the net. Le tout en apportant la plus grande simplicité d'utilisation.

Usually, a simple web browseris enough, but for resource limited devices such as mobile phones or PDAs, there is WapcamLet, a Java mobile software to download freely onto your mobile.

WapcamServer WapcamServer: To transform your webcam into an IP cam

                    IP Cam are becoming popular, autonom and performant. Their price is still high.
However, everyone owns a webcam worth a few dozen euros (or dollars) which mostly have a sufficient quality. WapcamServer offers you and your webcam the same possibilities than a IP cam, more expensive, and more...

For screenshots, you can consult the screenshots page.

A demo of the publication service is available here, as well as on the blog.

WapcamLet WapcamLet

                    WapcamLet is a midlet that connects to your webcam from your mobile phone and retrieves images for you.

More convenient than a wap browser, WapcamLet handles the security of the connection with WapcamServer, the adaptation of images (size and type) to fit your handheld's display. It can too work with any IP camera (or image server).

A preview of WapcamLet on emulator is available here.


Aug 18, 2008 -  WapcamLet 1.3 is released now !
The new version is out: it allows you to monitor up to 4 cameras at the same time.
The rendering is also improved as well as the user interface.
Jul 13, 2007 -  Freeplayer: Comment mettre sa webcam sur la t√©l√©
Ou comment afficher sa webcam sur sa télé en mode Freeplayer.
Jun 26, 2007 -  Manuel WapcamServer en fran√ßais
Merci à Laurent pour l'écriture de ce manuel tant attendu.

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